Joomla Maintenance Packages

Joomla is an award winning content management system (CMS) that provides online publishing, social networking and e-commerce. Joomla maintains the user interfaces of websites and facilitates content publishing through servers. It is developed by Joomla Development Services, a company of the so called “Open Source Graphics Editing Platform”. The extensions of Joomla are contributed through modules which are licensed under the GNU General Public License. Some of the popular extensions of Joomla are the following:

Joomla Maintenance Packages helps in the maintenance of the websites. These packages consist of different components like Joomla themes, modules, and extensions. These core updates and maintenance packs assist Joomla in the execution of its tasks properly and provide enhancements. These core updates and maintenance packs provide quality enhancements and provide a better user experience.

Joomla is completely risk free. Joomla ensures its users to avoid any security issues by not exposing any of their users’ private data on the Internet. Joomla offers different types of maintenance packages such as weekly maintenance packs, core updates, and risk free updates. There are different ways to use these different maintenance packages and these include: weekly package, core update, risk free update, and offsite backups. Each of these maintenance packages has different benefits and uses and this is discussed below.

With the help of Joomla maintenance packages, it becomes easy for the publisher to monitor all aspects of his website. Monthly security scans protect your site from any security risks and maintain your site’s uptime. Weekly maintenance package updates the uptime monitoring and also helps in choosing the appropriate servers. The core updates help in creating a website and make it user friendly. The risk free updates to keep your website safe from any security risks that may occur throughout the day.

The Joomla website is easy to maintain and the initial security review helps in identifying the weak areas. The core updates and maintenance packages enable you to make improvements to your site and also make it user-friendly. There are many advantages of using Joomla and this is discussed below: Joomla offers different levels of user permissions and there is no need to be an administrator to make additions or changes to these options. Joomla offers various extensions and this enables you to create different types of websites.

Joomla is highly flexible and this allows the user to access different functions through different interfaces. With the help of extensions, it is possible to customize Joomla and create different types of websites. Users can start with the built in tools and after gaining more knowledge and experience, they can easily add other features and customize their websites further. Users need to undergo an initial security review and if they pass the initial evaluation, they are provided with a ticket and can start using the Joomla Administration System. The users are provided with support and can get the required help when they face difficulty while performing certain tasks like uploading files, reading content from the website and editing the contents.

The initial website review enables the user to identify the shortcomings in his current Joomla Administration System and then he can decide to change the system accordingly. If the deficiencies are corrected, the user is provided with an automated installer, and he is able to install the new version of Joomla. This system provides different levels of user permissions and it is easy to switch between them according to the requirements. There are different levels of access and it is very easy to gain access to different areas and perform different functions. The user can use the Joomla email support and the telephone support and the system has special core updates which are scheduled on a daily basis.

It is not mandatory to take these core updates seriously because there are other ways by which you can upgrade your Joomla. There are two ways through which one can update the Joomla, either by downloading it and then installing it or by using the inbuilt Joomla Maintenance Packages which provides a number of advantages. The major benefit of using the inbuilt Joomla Maintenance Packages is that they provide automatic email support, telephone support and online help. The telephone support helps you to solve your problems through telephone and the email support helps you to get the necessary information at any time. There are several advantages of using the inbuilt Joomla Maintenance Packages and the detailed article will discuss these benefits in brief.