Things You Must Know About WordPress Maintenance Packages

We are talking about providing a monthly WordPress Maintenance Packages to your customers. You take care of all the technical details, and your customer does not sweat it anymore. To you, they are very minor technical issues, often easy and automated, but to the customers, they are business-stopping nightmare.

How do you choose from the available WordPress Maintenance Packages? It is simple. First, you have to define what your customer needs. Are you a small e-commerce site or a big corporate website with thousands of users? The answer to this question will help you select the right maintenance program.

Second, you have to evaluate what the maintenance packages can do for you. Most companies offer their own maintenance package. But there are some who offer a complete package for their customers.

Third, you have to determine if you are going to make a dedicated upgrade of your WordPress site, or you are going to join an existing maintenance program. If you are going to go with an existing program, there are several things you have to consider first. For instance, you must be sure that the package will support your website.

Fourth, you have to decide whether you need to get a one-time upgrade for your maintenance packages or a recurring one. This decision will largely depend on how much money you are willing to spend.

Fifth, you have to decide whether you want maintenance packages for the core blog, the plugins and the extras, or all three. If you decide on getting the maintenance packages for the whole website, you will have to make sure that they will not cause any conflicts with your other software. So, do not make this decision until you have discussed this with your web developers. You can either ask for their opinions or use the WordPress Maintenance Packages feature comparison tool.

Sixth, you have to decide whether you will get technical support from the provider. If you plan to change your code frequently, you should not avail a maintenance program which does not provide technical support. if you want your code to continue working when you upgrade your theme or plugin.

Seventh, you have to decide whether you want your hosting provider to provide technical support or not. This may be optional, but it can greatly improve your website’s reliability. It is also important if you need help with installation, maintenance or troubleshooting.

Eighth, you have to determine how much web developers assistance your provider offers. Some companies provide technical support for free, while others require you to pay for the assistance.

Nine, you have to determine the number of website maintenance packages you should avail. There are some providers who will allow you to upgrade only the basic features and leave all the more complex ones as “basic.” Others will also offer maintenance packages that include many add-ons and plugins.

There are also those who will offer a monthly payment plan or a yearly payment plan. If you decide to go for a monthly payment plan, make sure you compare different providers and choose the one that has a low monthly fee.

One thing you must keep in mind is that there are some websites which offer a monthly or annual maintenance plan. In such cases, you should not choose this option if you want a one-time upgrade. because you may have to renew the package each year. Most providers will not charge you for upgrading their services.

Last but not least, if you are interested in the “no maintenance plans,” make sure you get your money’s worth. For example, there are some who will only charge you the initial price of their monthly fee if you upgrade your blog every year or even every two years.