What Do Web Designers Do?

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What Do Web Designers Do?

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and management of online sites. The various disciplines of web design include graphic design; web layout and page design; computer programming; user experience design; social media; and website optimization. All these disciplines help to provide a dynamic graphical interface for the users of web sites. This makes web design very much important. As a result, the recent boom in the field has given rise to a number of skilled web designers. However, it is important that you as a web designer understand the basic techniques that are used in web designing.

Many of the designers work as part of a team, while others are self-employed. Most of the designers use web designing software developed specifically for this purpose. This helps them to effectively deal with the various complexities associated with web design. The main aim of the web designers is to ensure that the site has an effective layout, user-friendly navigation, and search engine optimized content. It is very important for the web designer to make the site user-friendly, as most people these days prefer to shop online. Thus, a good web designer helps in bringing the customers to the site.

Most of the modern websites today employ Flash as a feature, which provides an excellent visual experience to the users. But, there are certain issues related to usability of Flash design, such as the issue of reduction in the quality of the image, as a result of the unnecessary pop-ups. Thus, the main aim of the web designer is to enhance the overall functionality and quality of the web design, while ensuring maximum usability. For this purpose, usability testing is a very important technique that is adopted by most of the reputed web designers, across the globe. This helps in deciding the usability aspects of the website, without affecting the appearance and layout.

User research is the next important aspect that is carried out by most of the well known web designers, across the world. User research involves collecting information about the target group for the website, for which the website is being designed. The usability experts study the user behavior and study the usability issues faced by the users across the globe, to provide an optimum user experience. Apart from studying the user behavior, the usability specialists also conduct user experience tests and study the usability issues of different business verticals.

The designer also has to learn about various web designing tools and technologies. Web design work includes all the components such as HTML, CSS, Java script, image manipulation etc. The web designer needs to know how to use these tools properly in order to design a good web site. The web designer should be skilled in computer aided design (CAD) work as well, in order to construct accurate plans for the website’s appearance. In addition to this, the designer must have knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO), so as to make the web page visible to search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The interaction design work of the web designer is also very important. Interaction design refers to the visual aspects such as appearance, performance, function etc., which are to be presented in a web page. Interaction design includes various types of visual design like lay-out, image placement, menu bars, frames etc. The interaction designer has to make full use of interactivity to give a unique experience to the users. They make the user experience enjoyable and interesting. A typical interaction design job would include creating user interfaces for web pages consisting of text boxes, Java script etc.

Another important role of web designers is Digital media creation. This includes creating electronic or digital media representations such as films, videos, music etc. in accordance with the clients’ specifications. It may also involve the preparation of animation or the production of 3D digital media representations. For instance, web designers would create computer-animated graphics (CAM) or movies.

There are various other roles that web designers play. The web designers need to have a good insight into the problems and requirements of the client. Their job is to provide good solutions to the problem solving process. Web designers have to make use of different technologies. They should be good at using the technology available in the market.