WordPress Plugin Developer Shouldn’t Keep You In The Dark

How do you hire a WordPress Plugin developer? You can source WordPress programmer talent from a few sources by following these three methods: Submit a job posting on an established job board such as Elance or Guru. This is only recommended if you have done a reasonable amount of research into the freelancing or contracting business model. The WordPress marketplace is quite active and you might not get the kind of personalized service that you require. You will probably not be able to negotiate price as effectively as you would a client. If you decide to source your WordPress programmer from an established company, make sure you know their rates and payment terms before starting any contract.

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What skills do you require from a WordPress plugin developer? You will need to identify your current needs and clarify what you intend for your website. You will also need to establish your scope of project and the capabilities and skills you’re seeking in a WordPress programmer. Make sure that the person you choose has the necessary skills, references and certifications to fit your needs.

Where can I find a WordPress plugin developer who is experienced? Your first step should be to identify those existing programmers who are willing to take on new projects. For every existing plugin you have, contact several of them and get a quote based on the scope of the work. Most importantly, ask them for a sample project. A good, detailed, and completed estimate will help ensure that you don’t get charged more than necessary and also provide valuable information about the work involved.

Who should I contact to discuss my ideas? The person you contact will need to be someone who will work with you to iron out your individual needs and expectations. If you are not comfortable with the person you contacted, or if there are questions about their level of experience, you may want to consider hiring another WordPress plugin developers. Consider looking around your local area for someone who might be interested in working with the same type of business as you. Their contact form should include references and they should be willing to speak to you without prior notice.

How do I find out if my prospective programmer possesses the necessary skills? It’s recommended that you do not hire someone who doesn’t possess a high level of experience with WordPress. Many times, existing plugins require the developer to know the ins and outs of using the platform. Without experience, the result can be disastrous, resulting in delays and non-functional code. It is also vital to make sure that your potential toptal developer is capable of creating custom plugins and understands how to utilize the existing plugins that you already have.

Will my project be able to utilize the next version of the WordPress platform? The WordPress upgrade procedure is very straightforward and any experienced programmer can successfully upgrade your plugins. However, you must make sure that your toptal developer is capable of upgrading your plugin once he or she begins working on it. An example of an easy plugin would be the codex page translator. This plugin makes it easy for anyone who has a codex page to translate one line at a time into a.pdf file.

What can I do after my toptal developer informs me that my new version of the WordPress platform is incompatible with my existing plugins? If you run WordPress as your server-side programming platform, then there are some things that you can do. First, you can update your version of PHP to a recent release, which will likely require a download and installation of a new plugin development software package.

If you have installed WordPress on a web server, but your website is hosted on a separate development platform, like Linux, then you have the option of installing a number of plugins. Most developers recommend that you uninstall any global variables that were defined in your WordPress installation. However, some developers feel that it is okay to define global variables in your plugin. Whatever you do, don’t uninstall global variables. Your plugin will still work with those global variables, and they will remain active.